Junior C Evaluations

Blackfoot Hockey Association has one Junior C team for play within Hockey Calgary.  In the event that more players register for Junior C that allowed on the final team roster BHA will hold Junior C Evaluations to set the final team roster.
The Junior C Evaluations will consist of two 5 on 5 games to evaluate the players ability to play at the Junior C level. The Junior C Evaluations will be conducted by the Junior C Evaluations Committee which will consist of the Age Group Vice-President, Junior Age Group Coordinator, Blackfoot Hockey Development Representative, Junior C Head Coach and Assistant Coach. BHA reserves the right to add, change or delete members from the Junior C Evaluations Committee.
As Hockey Calgary rules allow for players at the Junior C level to play outside of their community association boundaries the following criteria may also be used as part of the Junior C Evaluations Process,
  • Over age player allowance. Hockey Calgary allows for a maximum of four (4) over age players to be on a final Junior C team roster. If more than four (4) over age players register BHA will need to cut these players down to maximum of four (4) players regardless of the final number of players registered.
  • Existing Blackfoot Hockey Association players, i.e. individuals who have played the majority of their minor hockey within the Blackfoot Hockey Association.
  • Previous level of play ex. Midget Division 1, Midget Division 2, Midget Division 3, Midget Division 4, Midget Division 5.
  • Returning players to the BHA Junior C Team
  • New players to the BHA Junior C Team who have not played within the Blackfoot Hockey Association previously.

*These Junior C Evaluations will only be conducted if deemed necessary by BHA Hockey Development based on the final registration #’s.